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"Gegenort - The Virtual Mine" 

Five artists venture an experiment: At  the disused site of the coal mine  Gegenort (Saarland, Germany) they  enter the shut down pit and resume the  drilling. Their aim is to produce the raw  material of the 21st century: data and  electric impulses - carriers of  information. They penetrate the globe  vertically in the search for new  resources on the opposite side of the  earth. According to this principle five  boreholes link ten diametrically  opposed  places on the planet with one  another. The Gegenort pit leads to the  central interface of the boreholes,  namely the centre of the earth. At the  exit points of the boreholes the media  artists look for the creators of artistic  concepts whose ideas and  consequently whose energy will be won  at Gegenort. Ten selected concepts will  be realized at the site of the disused  mine by the initiators of the experiment  and will be exhibited in ten containers. 

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Designed by Leslie Huppert
and Fevzi Konuk 2001

The Exhibition in "Gegenort" lasted from the 26.8.2001 - 24.09.2001
A Video and image -documentation can be found in the web-site.

You find the spanish concept ! here.